Through Him, With Him, and In Him

September 14, 2014
Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows

Greetings! It seems Fall has arrived, we had a beautiful sunny day today that started out cold, my thermometer said 43 degrees. Yet, it technically is still summer. Iíve heard many people saying they were ready for Fall and I would agree. It was a nice summer, but Iím ready for the change of seasons, as long as we do not move in to winter too soon. Iím much better with Spring and Fall.

I am very excited to announce a new program that we have beginning in October. Mr. Joseph Miller will be hosting, St. Louis Faith Journeys. He will be interviewing local people who have become Catholic about their conversion to the Catholic faith. This program will air on Saturdays at 3:30 pm and Tuesdays at 7:30 am beginning Tuesday, October 7.

You will probably receive this newsletter the week of the radiothon. I hope you are able to tune in and listen. Iím looking forward to having all the extra people around the station, and we invite you to tune in or drop by if you are in the area. With the parishes and schools participating it can get pretty busy, and exciting.

Please keep Covenant Network in your prayers. Prayer is critical to the work of this apostolate. We need it so much. I would really appreciate it if you would send me a note or email if you will be praying for the apostolate. Your prayers, sacrifices, Masses, Communions, and hours of adoration are wholly necessary to the evangelization we seek to accomplish.

May God bless you as we begin the final quarter of 2014! I pray that you will find comfort and hope in tuning in to Covenant Network. Learning and living the Catholic faith should help us to live our life joyfully in the hope of spending eternity with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Sincerely in Christ,
Teresa M. Holman






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