Through Him, With Him, and In Him

June 18, 2014 A.D.
Feast of St. Gregory Barbarigo

How is your summer going? Are you enjoying it so far? Well, the summer heat has arrived in St. Louis. We are looking at another day of nearly 100 degrees. I guess itís now time to begin regularly watering the lawns and flowers. I really hadnít had to do too much up until now. I am looking forward to attending the Muny this summer and to all the other summertime activities, including spending some time in St. Louis to check out some of the 250th anniversary activities.

This summer if you are near Birmingham, I would encourage you to stop in at the Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament. They have recently opened the John Paul II Eucharistic Center and although I have not had a chance to see it in a few years, I have been anticipating its completion. The Shrine is a beautiful place to make a personal or private retreat. It is well worth the trip. They have tours Monday through Saturday at 10 and 2. There is more information on EWTNís website about making a pilgrimage with information on where to stay and what you can do while you are there.

How do you keep your focus on Christ throughout the day? Do you begin and end your day with prayer? Do you find some time each day to reflect on the Fatherís will for you? I encourage you to turn to Covenant Network to aid you in keeping Christ at the center of your life, you will be inspired by the programs and prayers. Have you listened to Fr. Riccardo or the Fathers of Mercy? They are very inspiring and challenging. Listening to Catholic radio will help you learn what you can do to continue to finely tune your life to living as He has designed. I encourage you to tune in to Covenant Network either on your radio or mobile device. Pray with us, learn with us and live for Christ.

As we begin this summer, we ask for your support. Catholic radio is really reaching many lives and encouraging people in their walk toward Heaven. Let us all encourage each other. Please support Covenant Network. Help us bring Christís love through our hearts to those we encounter daily. Your donations are very important to the work of this apostolate.

Have a blessed summer and Independence Day! I hope you will be celebrating and praying for the United States on the Fourth. Please keep Covenant Network in your prayers too.

Sincerely in Christ,
Teresa M. Holman






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