Through Him, With Him, and In Him

May, 2015 A.D.

Greetings! We are having a beautiful spring. This is my favorite time of year. The trees and flowers are so pretty. The weather begins to warm enough to enjoy getting outside more often, and to begin to think about planting flowers and hopefully some vegetables. I know a lot of people already have their vegetables planted, but I am late in getting things started.

We just finished the Spring Radiothon and it turned out to be a great week. We were excited to have some new parishes and schools participating, even Tolton Catholic High in Columbia, MO. They do not have a station yet, but they wanted to come and help. We had Archbishop Carlson and some seminarians, a great jazz band, some talented students, great converts and so many more in the studio. It was a good week and I am happy to announce that we had approximately $205,000 called in during the week! Thanks so much to everyone who helped! It takes a lot of help to make this week happen and there are so many people who offer their time, talents, and treasure to support Catholic radio.

I ask you for prayers for Covenant Network as we work toward getting nighttime coverage for people in Saint Louis and improve our coverage in some areas along with the construction of some of the translators we have permits to build. There is a lot to do, and we need your prayer assistance to help make it happen.

We begin the month of Our Lady. It is also the month that Covenant Network began our first broadcast on AM 1080 WRYT from our studios in Glen Carbon, IL. It was not a coincidence that it happened that way, we chose to begin on the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker in the month dedicated to Our Lady, because we are most definitely devoted to her and beg her intercession. On May first we celebrate our 18th anniversary, I ask you to pray especially for Covenant Network on that day. Pray that we can continue to reach people to teach the Faith. We live in a time when a lot of people do not know the basics of the Faith and radio is the easiest ways for us to learn to know and defend it.

I will be asking the intercession of Our Lady for you this month in my daily prayers. May God bless all of our mothers! We ask for your special intercession for our Holy Mother the Church.

Sincerely in Christ,

Teresa M. Holman





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